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Public speaking for nerds, on nerdy things, that are still important, but don’t have to sound boring.

(And don’t have to look boring either. That goes for your proposals as well).

I’m Kristen. I give speeches. I facilitate workshops, discussions, and community design meetings. I also write proposals and reports. You can find out more about what else I do here. And watch me speak here.

Kristen's Speaking Collage on About PageI made a resolution for 2016 to help more people learn how to do what I do so that more communities can be served, built and strengthened by having people there who can tell its stories right.

So I’ve started this public speaking and presentation venture. There’s this website, a Pinterest board, a presentation-critique happy hour and a half-day workshop.

I’ve geared this content towards people involved in community development, but if you are a student of any discipline needing to present technical, scientific or other research, or if you just want to give better speeches at your church, your temple, or your friend’s wedding. I can help there too.

I’ll also be including information about creating nice reports, proposals, and other handouts because I believe they go hand in hand.

Currently, you cannot get continuing education credits with this course, but if that’s something you’d like for me to offer, email me and let me know what certifying body I need to apply with to get the credits you need to work with me.

Get started by checking out a few resources on presentations and proposals or the blog.

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